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Our Families Say...

  • Wren is doing so well. He is more confident and social at home. It is adding so much to his personality being [at Children’s Place]!!

  • Thomas is absolutely thrilled to be dropped off each day. We’re amazed by how much he is learning and impressed with what they’re doing in the Fish Room. He comes home chattering about friends, story time, playing outside. His vocabulary is exploding! He also extends his hand to say “nice to meet you” (also something he learned at school) and he puts something away before he starts playing with something new. All of this either starts with or is reinforced by his experience at school.


  • We have been playing “circle time” at home.  Ashton tells us he is the teacher and proceeds to bring all his “circle stuff” to the rug in our den.  First he asks us all what we would like for Christmas, then he asks us to identify the several items.  Finally, he reads us a book and then makes us stand, put our hands over our hearts and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. -Natalie Sander

  • Thanks very much for all the pleasant memories that you created for our family. Thank you also for the tremendous leaps in our son’s development that you and the staff were able to produce through the care that you provided.-Jerry Greenough

  • Our daughter LOVES Children’s Place. She often wants to stay longer when we pick her up at the end of the day. She is learning so much, and her mental and physical abilities are challenged & developed every day. We are so happy to know that our child is in a safe, educational, and happy environment every day when we can’t be with her.

  • Everyone at the Children’s Place is warm & loving and I am thrilled to see my daughter learning as much as she does. They really spend the time to teach her at her level – giving her one on one attention with a great teacher.

  • As any working parent with children knows, finding quality childcare is one the biggest hurdles a parent undertakes. I worked as an early intervention Speech Pathologist in the public schools for 15 years and I can attest that Children’s place has exceeded all of my expectations!!!

  • After a tiresome search for the perfect childcare center for our first baby, we came into contact with Andra Thorpe and Children’s Place. Immediately our hearts and worries were put at ease by the facility’s wonderful environment, staff, and reputation.

  • The Children’s Place staff provided a loving and nurturing environment for my daughter that I feel has helped provide her a great foundation to excel in life.

  • I am overflowing with praise for Children’s Place’s school philosophy. They focus on learning through play, positive reinforcement, and courtesy to others. The loving staff greets my children with a smile and loving hands.

Ongoing Events

  • Family Get-togethers & Birthday Parties
  • Parent /Teacher Conferences
  • Vision Screening
  • Speech and Hearing screenings
  • Jill Bonner (EC Learning Specialist) works daily with children 2.5 yrs. & up
  • Spanish Classes
  • Music & Movement with Jill

About Childrens Place

Children’s Place Ltd. is a state licensed pre-school which meets or exceeds all State Licensing requirements. Our school is committed to providing the best possible pre-school environment for your child. A developmental approach to learning is implemented with emphasis on social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. Daily programs are carefully planned with individual needs, interests and abilities of the children in mind. Children’s Place does not use only one method of teaching since children learn different things in different ways.

Your child will be treated as an individual as well as a member of a group, and taught to respect the rights of others. Play is enforced as an important instrument through which our children learn. Our program is flexible and semi-structured to encourage socialization, creativity, and academic stimulation.

The primary goal of Children’s Place is to create and implement a total nurturing environment in which your child develops a positive self image, enjoys peer relationships, and a curiosity and love for learning.

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